AUTOMATION IN MANUFACTURING JNTU previous years question papers


( Mechanical Engineering )

Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks 80

Answer any FIVE questions

All questions carry equal marks

1. a) Explain the following types of Automation:
(i) Programmable Automation (ii) Fixed Automation
b)What are the important pneumatic components used in automated system?Describe briefly.

2. a)With the help of neat sketches, explain the following linear transfer mechanisms:
i) Powered Roller Conveyor System
ii) Walking Beam Transfer System
b) Explain the advantages and limitations of synchronous transfer mechanisms.

3. a) Explain how the efficiency of the flow line increases by adding one or more parts storage buffers between work stations along the line.
b) Discuss the analysis of a two-stage automated flow line.

4. a) What is ranked positional weight value? Explain its importance in solving line balancing problems by using Ranked Positional Weights Method.
b) Discuss any four methods that should be considered by the designer of a flow line for improving the efficiency of the assembly line.

5. a) Explain the advantages of implementing various principles of material handling.
b) Describe the following conveyors used in material transport systems:
(i) In-floor tow-line conveyor (ii) Overhead trolley conveyor.

6. Define AS/RS. Describe the various basic components of AS/RS.

7. a) Explain the advantages of using adaptive control systems in turning operation.
b) Enumerate the differences between ACO and ACC types of adaptive control.

8. a) What are the advantages of various Rapid Prototyping techniques?
b) Briefly explain the software configuration of Business Process Reengineering.