DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS JNTU previous years question papers


Time: 3hours


Answer any FIVE questions

All questions carry equal marks

1.a) Explain the concept of log based recovery.
b) Briefly explain why recovery is needed. [10+6]

2. Explain the ARIES recovery method. [16]

3.a) What is DBMS? Explain the advantages of DBMS.
b) What is a data model? Explain the relational data model. [7+9]

4.a) What are the steps followed while creating a table in SQL?
b) What are the various salient features of the SQL?
c) Describe the views. [5+5+6]

5.a) What are the differences between static and dynamic files.
b) Discuss the techniques for allocating file blocks on disk. [8+8]

6. Discuss the merits and demerits of hash join, sort-merge join and block nested loops join. [16]

7.a) What is indexing? Explain with an example.
b) Explain about query processing. [8+8]

8.a) What is multi valued dependencies? What type of constraint does it specify? When does it arise?
b) Explain the join dependencies and 5NF. [8+8]