EMBEDDED SYSTEMS JNTU previous years question papers


Time: 3hours


Answer any FIVE questions

All questions carry equal marks

1. Write short note on the following parts of embedded systems:
a) Processors
b) Memory
c) Operating systems
d) Programming Languages. [4+4+4+4]

2. Explain the terms 'set up time', 'Hold time', 'Access time', and 'Settling time', with the help of a timing diagram. [4+4+4+4]

3.a) What is shared-data problem in an embedded system? Explain with an example.
b) Explain the following:
i) Interrupt handler
ii) Interrupt vector table. [8+8]

4. Explain the problems introduced by semaphores and suggest possible solutions to those problems. [16]

5.a) Discuss various methods adopted to reduce power consumption in embedded applications.
b) Explain the design details of an embedded system with some specific example. [8+8]

6.a) Compare various methods of inter task communication.
b) What are events? Explain the role of events in RTOS. [8+8]

7. Explain different methods of getting software in to target system. [16]

8. Describe the requirements of the following embedded applications with an example:
a) A protocol converter system
b) An IP phone. [16]


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