MACHINE TOOLS JNTU previous years question papers


Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 80

Answer any FIVE Questions

All Questions carry equal marks

1. (a) Discuss the various forces encountered in metal cutting.
(b) What are the types of tool materials used in metal cutting? Discuss their importance. [8+8]

2. (a) Name any four operations which can be performed on a lathe and explain them briefly.
(b) What are the various types of automatic lathe? Explain their differences and applications. [8+8]

3. (a) Draw a block diagram of a standard double housing planer, showing its main parts and briefly describe these parts.
(b) How the jobs are held on the table of a horizontal shaper? [10+6]

4. (a) Write a brief note on deep-hole drilling operations.
(b) What are the different methods use to locate holes in jig boring machine? Describe briefly. [8+8]

5. (a) Explain the construction of a dividing head giving the applications for which it can be used.
(b) What are the principal parts of milling machines? Explain the functions of any four parts of milling machine? [8+8]

6. (a) How is the abrasive selected for a grinding operation? Explain the reasons for selection.
(b) Write short notes on the following: [8+8]
i. Mounting of grinding wheel
ii. Marking system of grinding wheel.

7. (a) Sketch and discuss a typical internal broach.
(b) What are the advantages of honing process? [12+4]

8. (a) What are the construction methods of jigs?
(b) What are the advantages and disadvantages of four locating points in a plane?
(c) Discuss the uses of liner bushes. [6+6+4]


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