NETWORK ANALYSIS JNTU previous years question papers


Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 80

Answer any FIVE Questions

All Questions carry equal marks

1. Defne average value and obtain the same for a half wave rectifed voltage wave.[16]

2. Determine the Z parameters of the network shown in fgure 2. [16]

3. State and Explain with proof of Reciprocity Theorem. [16]

4. A prototype HPF has cut-of frequency 6 KHz and design impedance 300 Ohms.Calculate L & C? [16]

5. (a) Defne half power frequency. Draw a sketch and explain.
(b) Derive the formula for half power frequencies. [6+10]

6. For the fgure 6 shown, calculate the equivalent resistance of the following combination of resistors and also calculate the source current, total power dissipated.[16]

7. For the network shown in fgure 7, draw the oriented graph, select a tree and obtain a tie-set matrix. Write down the KVL equations from the tie-set matrix. [16]

8. Derive the step voltage response equation for a series RLC circuit. [16]



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