OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING JNTU previous years question papers


Time: 3 hours Max. Marks.80

Answer any Five questions

All questions carry equal marks

1 a. Explain about following:
a] method b] messages c] instances d] method binding. [16]

2 a. Define recursion, write a java program to find factorial of a number [8]
b. Explain about different types of parameter processing mechanism in java in detail.[8]

3 a. Define polymorphism, write a java program for showing method overriding.[8]
b. Explain about with an example about three uses of final keyword.[8]

4. Define interface explain about how interfaces can be extended with a java program. [16]

5 a. Define thread. Explain about the steps for creating multithreads using java program [8]
b. Write a java to demonstrate thread priorities [8]

6. Write a java program to handle mouse events in both child and applet windows.[16]

7 a. Write a java program for displaying code and document base using applets. [8]
b. Write a java program for creating tables using swings. [8]

8. Write a java program to demonstrate URL cache entry. [16]