PULSE AND DIGITAL CIRCUITS JNTU previous years question papers



Time: 3 hours Max. Marks.80

Answer any Five questions

All questions carry equal marks


1. a. Derive the expression for rise-time of pulse waveform after passing through low-pass RC circuit. [8]
b. Draw and Explain the response of RLC circuit for step input. [8]

2. a. Explain the operation of positive clamper circuit using diode. [6]
b. State and prove clamping circuit theorem with relevant circuit and waveforms. [10]

3.a. Explain how transistor acts as switch? Draw base and collector waveforms and indicate all the time intervals. [8]
b. Design the Transistor switch [ Inverter] for the following specifications. [8]
Vin= ±3Vsquare wave, VCC=10V,IC=1mA, hFE=50.Assume Si transistor.

4. a. Design the Astable Multivibrator to generate 5 KHz square wave.
The supply voltag VCC=10V, IC[sat]=10mA hFE=50 and assume Si transistors. [6]
b. Explain the operation of Schmitt trigger wit h circuit diagram and
and waveforms. Define UTP and LTP. [10]

5. a. Define the terms slope error, displacement error and transmission error of time-base signal and derive the relation among them. [10]
b. With the circuit diagram explain current time base generator.

6. a. What is synchronization? Why it is necessary in wave form generators. [8]
b. Explain Synchronization using Monostable symmetrical signals. [8]

7. a. What are the applications of sampling gates. [6]
b. Explain unidirectional and bidirectional sampling gates. [10]

8. a. Draw the circuit of 3-input OR gate using diodes and resistors and explain with truth table. [6]
b. Draw the circuit diagram of NAND gate using DTL logic and explain. 



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