Software Engineering previous question papers JNTU

Software Engineering previous question papers JNTU - 1

Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 80

Answer any FIVE Questions

All Questions carry equal marks

1. What is software process assessment ? Discuss different approaches to it . [6+10]

2. Discuss various evolutionary software process models in detail. [16]

3. (a) Define scenario. Elaborate on event scenarios.
(b) Discuss the event scenario, “When a card is entered, the customer’s PIN is requested”. [6+10]

4. (a) Define and explain abstraction and refinement. Also differentiate between them.
(b) What is refactoring? Why is it done? [4+4+3+5]

5. (a) Discuss the Mandel’s design principles that allow the user to maintain control.
(b) What is meant by usability? Discuss how to asses the usability? [8+8]

6. (a) What questions do black-box tests answer?
(b) What is meant by BVA? Discuss the guidelines to create BVA test cases.
(c) Discuss about software tools for test case design. [5+5+6]

7. (a) How should we use metrics during the project itself?
(b) Discuss the direct and indirect measures of software process and product.[8+8]

8. A Formal Technical Review (FTR) effective only if every one has prepared in advance. How do you recognize a review participant who has not prepared? What do you do if you are the review leader?



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