UNCONVENTIONAL MACHINING PROCESS JNTU previous years question papers



Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 80

Answer any FIVE Questions

All Questions carry equal marks

1. (a) With the help of a neat sketch, explain how material is removed from a work
piece in ultrasonic machining process. [4+4=8]
(b) Explain the various factors affecting the material removal rate in ultrasonic
machining process. [8]

2. (a) Name the carrier gases used in abrasive jet machining? [5]
(b) What is the range of carrier gas pressure required in abrasive jet machining?
(c) Describe the effects of abrasive flow rate on material removal rate in AJM.[6]

3. (a) With suitable sketches explain the metal removal mechanism in Electro Chem-
ical Grinding. [4+4]
(b) Compare the Electro Chemical Grinding process with the non rotating Elec-
trode technique of Electro Chemical Machining. [8]

4. (a) Trace the developments of Chemical Machining and indicate early applica-
tions. [4+4]
(b) How are the deficiencies observed with the early applications of Chemical
Machining overcome subsequently? [8]

5. What are the different modes of dielectric flushing used in E.D.M. Which method
of flushing the inter electrode gap yields improved M.R.R. and why? [5+2+9]

6. Describe the advantages and limitations of power supply with rotary impulse generator circuit used in EDM. [8+8]

7. (a) What is plasma? How it can be used for material processing? [3+5]
(b) What are the different types of plasmotrons used in material cutting applications? [8]

8. What types of defects are observed in electro-hydraulic forming? What are the
reasons for them? What remedies are suggested by you to avoid these defects?